About Lemonade

Lemonade was started on December 6th, 2022. I had made a weebly site and a tumblr account for Petz in the past, but this time... I wanted something more customizable and easier to use. And this fit the bill!

And honestly... it hasn't been around long, but I'm hoping to keep it up and active for many years to come!

About Lyric

Hello there! My name is Lyric, I'm the owner of this little Petz website. I'm 29 years old, my birthday is April 8th, and I've been playing Petz since Dogz 1!

I'm nonbinary, usually go by he/they/it pronouns, sometimes my friends use kit, and I got a few neos in my pocket somewhere. I'm pansexual/panromantic, but also on the ace/aro spectrums, it's rough out there. I'm also polyamorous with three lovely partners! One of which are in the Petz Community, Concepts :3 !

I'm autistic, have anxiety and depression, psychosis, and I am a system. Usually you'll only interact with myself from the system, but some members may pick favorite petz (Case in point, Lady Sneasler and her cat, Delicia). Please be respectful, and I will return the favor! ^^

My Petz History

My grandmother is actually the one who got me into Petz. She was very computer-savvy, and is a HUGE animal lover. So when Dogz first came out, she was ALL over that! She got the game and we would spend HOURS playing with the small amount of content it had at the time. It was heaven!

From then on, she was keeping tabs on the games for every new release. I remember when she first told me she bought Petz 3, and they could PLAY TOGETHER! I nearly fell out of my seat, I was so excited! Of course, I spent hours of my time playing the games. I don't quite remember what year she ended up moving a few hours away, but once she did, I would then be shipped off to her house for the summer! That meant swimming, the local amusement park, and, you guessed it, PETZ!

I remember sitting in her back room (Also known as the Computer Room, anyone remember THOSE days???) and spending hours taking care of my petz. I learned how to teach them tricks, I came up with better and better names for them (Usually after anime characters lol), would raise them to adults and breed them and get generations of petz before the summer ended. The nostalgia I feel playing these games still hits me when I play it today. Brings a tear to my eye, if I'm honest.

I remember the day she showed me Petz 5, and what would be the last time I was fully enveloped in a Petz game. Mind you, she bought the game like, ON RELEASE, but I only had that following summer to play it. After then, my family ended up moving very close to her! And... I forgot all about Petz.

Years passed. It wasn't until I was 18 (Possibly 19?) that I was at a Gamestop with a family friend and her mom, and it was near my birthday. She said I could pick anything I wanted from Gamestop, as long as it was about $20. Sure enough, I found a copy of "Petz". I recognized the name, but knew from the DS experience... I probably wasn't going to get the game of my childhood. Thank GOD for google. I looked it up, and sure enough, it was Petz 5!!! It was rebranded because of Ubisoft (gags) and I bought it instantly.


This time, I had TWO computers to work with. One was the family computer, which had internet access. I would go online, look up Breedz and Downloadable Adoptions, all the while not even considering the fact that I could make a site as well, or meet OTHERS and make FRIENDS in this community, and I would put the files onto my mp3 player to then hook up to my personal computer, then load it into my game! I did this for MONTHS at a time, I bred so many petz and was obsessed. I even ended up adopting a dog who I fell in love with, and who I don't think I'll get back. [See below if you'd like to help!]

But life got in the way.

The last time I touched Petz was sometime in 2012-2013. Still, had never so much as joined a forum! The most presence I had was downloading breedz (looking at you, Sylvan Shepherds, Leopard Shepherds, and African Wild Dogz) or just looking at some websites (Cargo was a HUGE one, I recognized the name when I finally DID join the PC!)

Finally, in April of 2022, I was reminded of Petz yet again. I found the games on Acid Trip, then promptly found Petzcord... And the rest is history! I'm here for as long as y'all will have me. ^w^

Help Me Find My Dog

Note: In the following information, I'm going to be dropping my deadname. It's not a trigger, but if you use it to refer to me, you will be blocked. That's the end of it. Thank you.

How can you help? Glad you asked!

Sometime in the timespan of 2011-2014?, I adopted a dog from a Petz website. I'm almost positive it was a CK Border Collie, but my memory is very foggy (dissociative amnesia go brrrr). I would have adopted them either under the name Paige, Icingneo, Darpydoo, or Lyric. Might be a BlueWhiteColgate somewhere in there too.

If you could take just five minutes, go to your email, and search for these names... I would be forever grateful. The chances are slim that I'll find the person who gave me this dog, or that the .pet file will be found at all, but I figured it was worth a shot to post it here. Thank you!