My Stamps

Any stamps in this section are free to collect! They were made by me, or made by others (links attached) and are free to collect by anyone :3

My Stamp Collection

Any stamps here are NOT free to collect. You will need to visit the sites to collect some of them, others may not be available anymore! For every stamp I have linked the website I got them from or, if I know the creator is different than the site it was made on, it will be linked to them! If the site is/was done while I was setting up the stamps, they will not link to anywhere. If you see a stamp here you made and would like it credited to you, PLEASE contact me! Or, on the flip side, if I have credited you and you would rather it link to the website, you can also contact me! [I'm on the Petzcord, Duke's Group, and Whiskerwick Discords :3] Thank you!

Acid Trip

Aida Petz

Alive Enough

Alohomora Petz


And The Rest




Crushing Petz