Censored "Plushie"

Haven't you ever wanted to ▇▇▇▇ your own abnormality? Then snatch up this feisty little ▇▇▇ and let it feels at home!

... Make sure you ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ okay?

Download Censored for Petz 4

Emmet Pokemon Plushie

ALL ABOARD!!! Emmet here will make a lovely addition to your Toy Closet, but don't forget his twin brother, Ingo! They can't bare to be apart for more than a moment. Can you imagine?

Download Emmet for Petz 4

Ingo Pokemon Plushie

The frowning, intimidating, and yet somehow most caring of the Subway Bosses! Don't let his downtrodden appearance deceive you, he's a verrrrrrry skilled trainer, and together with his brother can defeat any team!

Download Ingo for Petz 4

Moondrop FNAF Plushie

A terrifying and yet soothing presence, maybe this little man isn't quite what you had in mind for a Naptime Daycare Attendant, and to THAT I say...... Yeah.

Download Moondrop for Petz 4

Sundrop FNAF Plushie

Such a big smile! If only it didn't make your blood run cold. His cheerful demeanor might be overshadowed by that uneasy feeling in your stomach, but rest assured! He's the best bot for the job!

Download Sundrop for Petz 4